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ESSX Recoil Advanced Pole Vault Poles [Carbon Fiber]

ESSX Recoil Advanced Pole Vault Poles [Carbon Fiber]

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Check out our Pole Sizes Guide for basic info on how to choose which pole size! For more specific advice from our pole vault experts: 

Call/Text: 443-789-6822 

Cheapest Pole Shipping in the World. Even if you order multiple poles, you still pay the same flat rate! 

The Recoil Advanced by ESSX was created to be the most vaulter-friendly pole of all time. Feedback was taken from newbies, Olympians and everyone in between. 

The carbon fiber composite material makes the pole thinner and lighter to easily carry down the runway. Meanwhile, the design pattern used during construction as well as the extra thick pole plug make for a very forgiving takeoff where the bend is higher up on the pole. 

This makes it easier to use bigger poles, speeds up your swing and helps keep pressure off of your shoulders and back! 

~ESSX Poles are trusted by~ 
•Olympic & 2 time World Champion• 
Katie Moon PR - 4.95m/16’2.75” 

•World Championship Finalist• 
Bridget Williams PR - 4.76m/15’7.25” 

•2 time World Champion• 
Sam Kendricks PR - 6.06m/19'10.5" 

•Indoor American Record Holder• 
Chris Nilsen PR - 6.05m/19'10.25" 

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