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Altius Pole Vault Poles

Altius Pole Vault Poles

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Check out our Pole Sizes Guide for basic info on how to choose which pole size! For more specific advice from our pole vault experts: 

Call/Text: 443-789-6822 

Cheapest Pole Shipping in the World. Even if you order multiple poles, you still pay the same flat rate! 

Altius has been supplying pole vault programs with poles since its creation in 1990 by Coach Jeff Erickson from Stephen F. Austin University. The Fiberglass Altius Pole is the most affordable pricing you can get in a pole. Meanwhile world record holder Jenn Suhr helped design the Suhr Adrenaline Altius Pole to offer an Altius pole for maximized performance! 

Altius poles can accommodate the uncommon pole sizes that other manufacturers won't bother with. Where else can you get a 12'9 190?? 

~Altius Poles trusted by~ 
•Indoor World Record Holder• 
Jenn Suhr PR - 5.03m/16’6” 

•World Champion• 
Shawn Barber PR - 6.00m/19'8.25” 

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