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Elite Performance Pole Vault Spikes w/ Carbon Plate

Elite Performance Pole Vault Spikes w/ Carbon Plate

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The ultimate track spikes for pole vault, long jump and triple jump! 
Designed to help you run faster down the runway, jump higher and protect you from injuries such as shin splits! 

We utilize 2 different solid plates in the bottom of the shoe to create a spring effect for the best possible transfer of power into each step and especially your takeoff. The wide double strap over your laces and extra thick heel & sole provide optimal support for your feet and legs under the maximal loads experienced in jumping events. While these shoes do have a thick heel for support, the sole has an aggressive taper design to keep you from running on your heels and help with sprinting technique down the runway. 

These high performance shoes can even be used as a substitute for sprint spikes! Though running spikes typically provide less support (and are lighter) it is safer to use jumping spikes for running than to use running spikes for jumping. For more info on different kinds of spikes, check out our Spikes Buying Guide.

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