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Pacer Pole Vault Poles

Pacer Pole Vault Poles

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Check out our Pole Sizes Guide for basic info on how to choose which pole size! For more specific advice from our pole vault experts: 
Call/Text: 443-789-6822 

Cheapest Pole Shipping in the World. Even if you order multiple poles, you still pay the same flat rate! 

The Pacer® ONE is a versatile, economical pole perfect for the beginning vaulter or large program on a small budget. The design pattern creates a “slow down” of the bend allowing more time to rotate into a vertical inverted position. Ideal for those who are still learning how to go upside-down. 

The Pacer® FXV is the flagship series of the Pacer line-up. Designed to perform well for all styles of jumpers with smooth, consistent response as vaulters transition from pole to pole. 

For advanced aggressive vaulters, the Pacer® COMPOSITE is the lightest pole on the market with increased tensile strength and superior energy return. The patent-pending design blends T2-Fiber™, S-Glass, and carbon fiber to create a robust and durable composite construction. The Pacer COMPOSITE is design for vaulters to raise the bar. Available 13' to 16' 9" in 5 lb increments.

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