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The Pole Vault Toolbox by Shawn Francis [Book]

The Pole Vault Toolbox by Shawn Francis [Book]

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The QR Code edition of the Pole Vault Toolbox is here!

Over 50 different QR codes linking to videos of drills and more in-depth explanations of the concepts in the book. Think of it as 50 more tools to put in your tool box!

Are you constantly trying to figure out how to pole vault? Whether you’re a pole vaulter chasing personal records or a coach trying to coach them, The Pole Vault Toolbox is the blueprint.

In this book, Shawn shares the tools he’s learned as a professional pole vault coach and the drills that have helped thousands of athletes and coaches jump personal records that have broken state records, won state medals, and received college scholarships.

He shares the research he learned as a pole vault researcher like a vaulter's take-off step may not be as important as originally thought.

Finally, he reveals what he learned as an elite pole vaulter on overcoming the fear of moving up to bigger poles or what to do if you struggle running through.

Filled with his trademark humor, The Pole Vault Toolbox is invaluable for veterans in the sport as well as those who just picked up a pole for the first time, drawing from Shawn’s personal and often humbling experiences.


  1. The Basic Concepts
  2. Before we get started
  3. The Order of Operations
  4. How to Run
  5. How to Plant
  6. How to Take-off
  7. How to Swing
  8. How to Turn
  9. How to Invert
  10. How to Pike
  11. Pole Vault Training
  12. The Mental Side of Pole Vault
  13. Tying It All Together
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