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Pole Vault Wrist Guard

Pole Vault Wrist Guard

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 Designed to protect your wrist and forearm as you invert tight to the pole.

Carbon Fiber Shield: This wrist guard features a carbon fiber shield that provides excellent protection against impact.

Foam Encased: The shield is encased in foam for added comfort, so you can wear it for extended periods without discomfort.

Removable and Washable: Simply slide the shield out in order to easily wash the arm sleeve.


The Pole Vault Wrist Guard comes in three different sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your wrist circumference:

Small- For wrists with a circumference of less than 6.5 inches

Medium- For wrists with a circumference between 6.5 and 7 inches

Large- For wrists with a circumference between 7 and 7.5 inches

XL- For wrists with a circumference of more than 8 inches

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